Tabi-Tabitha, Favourite Cat in the Jungle

Hello there, VivBounty here with a lovely photo of Tabi-Tabitha, our little cat who just loves her perch on the upstairs landing.  Her daddy says she can see “toutes directions” from there to be able to keep an eye on Mummy, Daddy, and large 80 lb greyhound brother, Prince.

Tabi-Tabitha with Nanny’s Leona Leopard on Granpa’s Simba hooked rug

That stuffy, Leona Leopard, used to belong to Daddy’s mother, Nanny Wales and the hooked rug of Simba, the lion was hooked by Granpa in the early 1960’s before the advent of open heart surgery. He had a heart attack while working in Korea, after which he was instructed to just rest for 6 months so he hooked this rug to pass the time. It warms our hearts that this is Tabi’s favourite place to hang out.

We say, “toutes directions”, because Grandpa and Nanny lived in the UK and used to go on holidays to France, neither one of them speaking much more than 4 words in French. It was comical how they navigated their driving holidays throughout France by the signs on the roundabouts saying, “toutes directions”. We are convinced they are loving Tabi-Tabitha from heaven, snuggling up on this Simba rug with Leona Leopard.

Until next time, hug your pets.


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