In Memory of Our Sweet Greyhound, Ackers

Hello There, VivBounty here once again with tears falling to share with you the sad news of our greyhound, Ackers who had to transition over to the rainbow bridge yesterday. If he could, he would say this about his life with us.

I came to live in my forever home about 2 years ago. My mummy and my daddy fell in love with my photo on the MGAP Web site, but their car was in the garage being repaired. Thank goodness for my Uncle Robert and Aunty Angela, who were kind enough to lend us their posh Cadillac for them to come and fetch me!

Even though I was a little shy and had to take some meds at first, I was very clever and knew how to walk up steps, sit, lay down and give a paw. My step-sister Leihla had never learned how to do these things so I taught her. With her help and my mummy and daddy’s love I soon came off all meds and fitted in perfectly.

Ex-Racer Adopted greyhounds teach each other to sit

I had lots of fun playing with Tabi-Tabitha, my cat sister who came to live here just about a year ago as a kitten. She and I used to share my doggy cushion until I didn’t feel so well and she gave me my space.

share-cushionAckers and Tabi

One of my favourite things to do was to hang out with my daddy in the garden and just feel the breeze and look out across the river.

greyhound relaxing in garden with daddy

To keep us healthy, our mummy used to take us to Posh Pet Grooming where our friend,  Angela used to take excellent care of us. Secretly, or not so secretly, she just wanted us to visit because she loved us. She took this picture of us with our mummy. It’s our mummy’s favourite picture of us.


The highlight of my day was a nice long walk with my mummy across the bridge, along the river bank and through the village taking time to chat to friends admiring the flowers along the way.

ex-racer greyhound loves a leisurely walk through gardens

I did not race because I had some trouble with my leg, but my mummy and daddy used to take us to the rink in the summer when it was grass where it was safe for Leihla and I to run in an enclosed area. We also got to spend 3 weeks with our friends, Janice and Jean-Guy in Bouctouche, New Brunswick. Janice sometimes got confused by our markings, but finally she could tell Leihla and I apart. I loved Janice and felt very safe with her. Muffy even let me use her ramp to walk up to the porch.

Here is a video my mummy and daddy made to tell you about what a wonderful life I had with them.

I hope you consider adopting a greyhound. We are very sweet and we make excellent pets, and most of us even love living with cats and children.

Please leave a comment on my mummy’s blog.



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8 comments to In Memory of Our Sweet Greyhound, Ackers

  • Trudy

    Hi there my sister from heaven. hope all is well. awesome website as always. packed with loads of information and beautiful photos’

    hugs and love

    • Wow, there you are, my sister from heaven. I have prayed for you and wondered how you are often over the years. Hope you had a happy 56th birthday. Sorry I missed your comment earlier. I was in Kenya. As you may see from my Facebook page, I have just returned from a glorious 3 weeks celebrating my sister’s 60th birthday in her birthplace, Mombasa! We had a blast. Hope you are well. Look for posts on my travel blog, soon. Thank you for the kind comments on my pet blog here. I will soon be posting new pix and updates on our new greyhound, Prince who is 3 and 1/2 years old and just in his first month with us. Love and hugs, Viv

  • Cherri Belyea

    Oh Viv. I’m so sorry to read this. I saw your post on Facebook and followed thru to read it here. Hugs to you. It’s hard to lose our fur babes. Hugs xx

  • Janice

    It is with great sadness that I just heard of Ackers passing. He was such a sweetheart. Thank you so much for letting us learn more about Ackers’ history. He will be missed for sure as I still am thinking of Leihla from time to time. To you both, all my sincere sympathies. With deep sadness in my heart, I am sending you hugs and kisses.

  • Angela and Rob

    Lovely tribute to Ackers and Leihla.

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