Viral Photo Captures Attention and Hearts All Over the World

Hello, VivBounty to say I just have to share this to my cherish my pets blog. I never want to forget this sweetest, most beautiful story. I shall never forget these two.

” They say a picture is worth a thousand words but, it’s safe to say one of Hannah Stonehouse Hudson’s newest snapshot is worth millions” says Zach Vavricka

“It’s been viewed almost three million times; it’s been shared I think 150,000 times. It’s been like an incredible amount of times,” said Hudson on an overcast day in Bayfield. “My mother has a saying, “For the comfort and convenience of the dog,” and he is the epitome of this saying. He loves this dog, he takes care of this dog, his life is about this dog.”

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I’ve tried to include everything I possibly can to preserve copyright and rights to all who created and contributed to this lovely story of a man and his dog. My only intention is to share the love and if it brings more funds in to help with Schoep’s medical care, that will be the blessing we aim for.

Enjoy this divine union.

Adopting An Ex-Racer Greyhound Named Leihla

Hello there, VivBounty here to share with you the story of how we came to be Leihla the greyhound’s parents in her forever home.

After we lost our precious Pedro the Husky-Podenco cross, we were immeasurably sad. I missed my walks around the racing track in the Summer and on the trail in the Winter. My husband, Brian missed his morning tea-making companion and as he put it, “someone sensible to talk to in the morning”. I tried not to take offense as I knew the translation was “someone who wasn’t giving him a ‘to-do’ list as soon as he opened his eyes”.

As you will see in my last post, we lost Pedro last December. For the next 6 weeks Brian was on the Internet looking for another pal. He found the MGAP site riveted to it everyday. I’d be summoned to look at his computer screen several times a day; “this cute greyhound” or “that lovely face” or another one “just a pup but not fast enough to race” and on it went. I’d be interrupted and called away from chores, work and everything in between to be told about greyhounds as a breed, and all the dedicated research tidbits he came across. Finally I said that if we got a greyhound he would have to walk him or her. Pedro could be off-leash so Brian did not get any exercise at all, something he needs as a Diabetic. I thought this greyhound thing might work. In mid January he saw Leihla on the Maritime Greyhound Adoption Program site. She had been in a home for 4 years but was now needing to be re-homed. Being 7 years old, Brian thought that no one would want her and how that must feel so we would have her. Well it wasn’t up to us.

There is a stringent system in place designed to protect these beautiful greyhounds who have worked all their lives to match them with the best possible parents and homes for a well deserved retirement. To find out more about the greyhound adoption process click the MGAP banner in the left sidebar of this blog.

Our own experience was seamless, friendly and lovely. We first filled in an application. Then we took the online training class and quiz. We passed that easily and then it was time for a home visit. Christina, who is part of the MGAP group of greyhound parents phoned to make an appointment to visit with her greyhound, Bandit. She interviewed us while filling in a form as I pulled out Pedro’s doggy couch to make Bandit comfortable.

Bandit the greyhound on our home visit with Christina

Bandit the greyhound testing Pedro’s doggie couch to make sure Leihla would be happy in our home

Next step was for Deb who runs the greyhound adoption program to match us up with the best dog. Christina assured us that she was pretty spot on in her matchmaking skills. Lo and behold we ended up with Leihla! We love her name, we love the Eric Clapton song, we love that her great grandfather was named Kunta Kinte as I am African born and so Leihla and us are indeed a match made in heaven. The last week of January, Deb called us to make sure we still wanted to adopt that weekend and a time was set. We picked Leihla up, chose her new collars and her new coat and off we went with her a little nervous but so very excited.

Leihla the Ex-Racer Greyhound Adoption Day

Leihla the Ex-Racer Greyhound Adoption Day

We had to lift all 85 pounds of her into the back of our Ford Escape that first week but Brian a.k.a. king of the path of least resistance, soon had her hopping in and out of the back by week 2. He is also her main walker and 6 months after we brought her home, his 3-month sugar reading called the A1C in diabetes speak, has been the lowest it’s been in 5 years. Well done Leihla for walking daddy and well done Pedro for sending Leihla to us to keep daddy healthy. She gets along with Scampy the cat too and they look like twins.

Leihla the brindle greyhound and Scampy the light tabby

Leihla the brindle greyhound and Scampy the light tabby, matching sisters

We looked up Leihla’s racing records and found that she ran 26 races, won 3, placed 2nd in 6 and after running other hounds out of their lane a few times, one day she just decided she didn’t want to do this anymore and would not even get started. Much like her daddy, if she doesn’t want to do something, she just doesn’t. But she is very gentle, obedient for me and so well-behaved generally, even around children, other dogs and company over for supper. I want to get to the picnic video here but will give more detail of how wonderful MGAP and Deb make this process of adopting a greyhound in future posts so please do stay tuned.

This past weekend we attended our first MGAP Annual picnic for greyhounds and their adoptive and foster parents. This is not a fund raising event but more a day of appreciation the people who cherish these beautiful and regal hounds to give them the life they deserve in their retirement. Well I had the best day I have ever had in 5 Summers in New Brunswick and there was not a mosquito in sight! We put together a video of our day for you to enjoy below:


We hope you enjoyed the video as much as we enjoyed the day.

Until next time, VivBounty here to encourage you to consider adopting a greyhound and always cherish your pets!

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