In Loving Memory of Our Dog, Pedro

Hello there, VivBounty here to share with you the sad news of the loss of our dog, Pedro. We rescued Pedro in 2005, when he was just five months old. For seven years he gave us unconditional love and his beautiful markings got him and us more than his share of attention every where he went in the world. He literally was a world traveler, this dog.

Pedro the Husky-Sighthound Memorial Canvas

In Loving Memory of our dog Pedro

From Spain, through Europe and over to Canada, Pedro has traveled to more countries than some people. He traveled well and charmed people in all walks of life. A lady even stopped her car on the roundabout in Calais, France to exclaim “Quel beau chien”, in English, “What a beautiful dog”!

This is the announcement message we sent out in December to share our sad news:

Hello loved ones and fellow dog parents,

We are just writing with broken hearts to say, sadly, we lost our Pedro on Tuesday, December 6th at 2:00 p.m.

He went in for what we were hoping was a routine removal of a lump from his paw. The wound never healed. During the 3 nights he spent in the Vet hospital, we visited every day taking him cheese burgers and chicken nuggets to encourage him to eat. The tumor along with biopsies from several other lumps on his torso we had asked be tested were rushed away for analysis. On Friday, December 2nd, we brought him home for the weekend to see if being at home would help him heal, hoping he’d eat better if he was happy at home. We camped downstairs on the pull-out sofa around the fireplace in the den with him all weekend so he would not feel alone in his crate or like he’s being punished, and so as to avoid too much movement of the paw.

On Monday we went for a bandage change #3. Each time the vet looked at the wound she said she didn’t like it, that the cells were not acting like normal cells which should be forming connective tissue to seal the wound by now. On Tuesday morning back at home when we saw the bleeding was continuing, and he wasn’t eating at all, we rushed him back to the Vet. While we checked in to weigh him, etc. (his weight was down 5 lbs. over the course of the week), she called the pathologist who confirmed our worst fears. All the lumps were mass tumors of the worst kind, growing with those nasty tangling fingers and as aggressive as wildfire. She surmised that if these ones had appeared on the surface of his body, the cancer was likely through his major organs and particularly in his liver, as it grows from the inside out, hence his lack of appetite. There was no stopping the bleeding or no way to buy him any quality time, so we made the saddest decision of our lives thus far and opted to euthanize him. We are so very sad but did not want him to suffer any more. We thank you so much for caring. We know you understand what this feels like. The house is so quiet, Scampy, the cat is lost, but thankfully has started eating more normally. Slowly we are remembering not to leave a corner of every sandwich we eat for Pedro. Time will heal and we believe he’s with our “tribe” in heaven.

We are so very grateful for the condolence messages which poured in to comfort us, some of which we share here:

  • Sending healing and love, M xox
  • I’m so sorry that you had to let Pedro go I tried to keep a positive feeling about him but it wasn’t meant to be, you’re in our hearts and we feel for you, Mum
  • So sad to hear about your dog. At least he is no longer in pain. It must be very hard for u. It’s very hard losing a pet they really are part of our families. My thoughts are with u. G
  • My lovely friends, so very very sad about lovely Pedro, still trying to come to terms with losing our lovely old flloydie boy, i so know how you are feeling now,losing such a big part of your life is so hard to come to terms with and something only another dog owner can relate to. thinking of you both at this sad time love you both xxxx S
  • Dear friends,
    We are so sad for you both,I was sure things would be ok.
    We had to put our Glory down,our beautiful golden retriever,and my heart aches
    as I remember.We know your sorrow. God bless, R & A
  • I was so sorry to hear about Pedro. As you know I had a strong affection
    for him and was also sorry to hear of his suffering. Just think of the
    happiness he gave you over the years he was with you. Pets give us such
    heartache when they leave us. I’ll always remember him. V
  • What sad news, and just before Christmas.  I hope you are all (Scampy included) slowly recovering from the loss – whilst a tough one, the decision was the right one to take.  It is horrible when these situations happen, but having gone through a similar experience with my previous cat, I couldn’t let him suffer just for my sake. P
  • Thank you for the lovely e-mail viv, I was really wondering what had happened to your wonderful boy, I am so sorry to hear, having had first hand experienced with Hope our coonhound and also Sniper and cancer with both understand how quickly and shocking all this is, my prayers and thoughts are with you both, Isabelle
  • I was really impressed of  the care both of you gave to Pedro.  I’m sure he’s gone from one dog heaven to another. We share your loss.  Now you will pamper the kitty. E
  • OMG – Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with you! (and scampy), I know we dread the day when we have to say good bye!
    I wished as I read your email – that I was close enough to hug you both!  I will the next time I see you!!! We will be thinking of you (especially when we are eating sandwiches)
    Sending our hugs/ love, K
  • I am so sorry to hear such heartbreaking news.  Words cannot help with the deep sadness that you have.  I send my love to you both with hugs and firmly believe, like you, that he is with your tribe now and will be watching and loving you from a breath away. G
  • I am so sorry for your loss. We lost our beloved Kane to bone cancer and, rather than put him through amputation and chemo, made the rest of his short life as wonderful for him as we could before making the hard decision you have had to make.
    Ordinary people don’t understand that losing a dog is losing a friend, a family member a child even.And you can’t explain to them why they are suffering.We took great comfort from the Rainbow Bridge – it’s a bit corny but really helped me.
    I’ve just re-read the poem and I’m crying for you as I type. With love, Jill
  • I am so sorry to hear about Pedro, it is so sad when you loose a family member
    Our thoughts are with you at this sad time, Jackie
  • I am so so sorry for your loss. I know how loosing our beloved friends feels. I wish I had words to ease the empty place that is now in your home. I do know though that they find us when they come to us. They bring us love and smiles and so much warmth. They just love us and become our best friends. I know too that they go home , like we will too . However sad it is to lose him what he brought into your life is always there and ever once in a while his little spirit or essence will pass by you just to say hi. He was blessed to find a loving home with you both and you were blessed to have had such a dear and loving little being to be your companion. All we can do in this world is love the best we can and care for those we love and in that regard you have. He is home now free from pain and running in a field with the sun on his back. Love, prayers and blessings to you both. Denise
  • I am so sorry to hear of poor Pedro and the terrible loss you must feel. I’m sure you were there to help him through to the other side with your comforting words and love. I truly do understand the heartache and the hole left in your daily life. I lost my 22 year old cat, Cuddles on December 1st. She was only 6 months younger than my Daughter and was very much a part of our family. I assisted when she was born and I was fortunate enough that she used her last bit of strength to wait for me to come to her before she passed away, She was born into my hands and took her last breaths in my arms. How could that not be considered family. I’m sorry, I am tearing up as I write  for her and Pedro. I understand. Celebrate the time you had with him, put up his pictures and remember all the love you gave each other. I send my heartfelt sympathies and love, Jacquie
  • Just read your e-mail so, so very sorry to hear you lost Pedro.  I know exactly how you guys feel.  Love and sympathy Cookie 🙁
  • The poem from Judith at ~ Hi Viv, We all know how awful it is to lose a best friend. Our words won’t help at the moment but we will all send some energy just for you.If It Should Be…If it should be that I grow weak
    And pain should keep me from my sleep,
    Then you must do what must be done,
    For this last battle cannot be won.You will be sad, I understand.
    Don’t let your grief then stay your hand.
    For this day, more than all the rest,
    Your love for me must stand the test.We’ve had so many happy years.
    What is to come can hold no fears.
    You’d not want me to suffer so;
    The time has come — please let me go.Take me where my need they’ll tend,
    And please stay with me till the end.
    Hold me firm and speak to me,
    Until my eyes no longer see.I know in time that you will see
    The kindness that you did for me.
    Although my tail its last has waved,
    From pain and suffering I’ve been saved.Please do not grieve — it must be you
    Who had this painful thing to do.
    We’ve been so close, we two these years;
    Don’t let your heart hold back its tears.Author ~ AnonymousBig hugs, Judith 🙂
  • Hi Viv, Brian & Scampy – you don’t know me personally, but we are connected via the Chikara Reiki Do healing list. I just read about Pedro’s transition out of his earthly body. . . .I am so sad for the loss in your home and sad that you (and Pedro) had to go through the heart-wrench of the last weeks.  I’ve lost two precious dogs to cancer and had to make the same hard choice about euthanasia. . . but of course I am so grateful we had that option.  It takes a huge amount of courage to love that much, right up until the last breath.  I have found so much comfort with the distance/timeless Reiki symbol HSZSN, and I will use it today to send a Reiki balm for you three & also for Pedro.  We know he is now in perfect health, perfect being, and of course you will be reunited.  Just want you to know there are Reiki folks who understand your sense of loss and I commend you on your exquisite care for Pedro.  Your love for him & his love for you will go on and on. . .Christmas blessings,  Sarah

For all that love and healing balm that sustained us through our grief and sorrow, we thank each and every one of you. Until we meet again, sweet Pedro, over the rainbow bridge, bathe in the Light and know that you remain in our hearts forever.

Love and Light to you all,