We’re Live on the Animal Rescue Shelter Site

Hello There. VivBounty here with a quick post to let you know we are live on the, “Adopted Dogs Progress”, page at Noah’s ArcĀ Animal Rescue Shelter site where we found our precious dog, Pedro.

Noah's Arc animal rescue centre

Noah's Arc animal rescue centre

In a previous post, I shared with you how we adopted this large dog, raised him running on a beach in Spain for 4 years and then had to put him in a travel crate. Luckily, we had plenty of time to get him used to sleeping in the crate making it easy for him to walk into it without trauma when it came time to travel. See the story of how we got Pedro used to his pet travel carrier here.

It was fate that we saw that ad from the shelter and hope that this post will bring attention to the wonderful work this organization does to combat cruelty to animals. Bravo Noah’s Arc!

As the season approaches, remember, a pet is not an appropriate surprise Christmas gift. If you do decide to get or give a dog this season, please visit a reputable animal shelter first. Make sure the home is really ready for the responsibility of adopting another family member, as that is who the dog will be. There are so many dogs, just dying for a loving home and family.

Until next time, consider fostering a dog to see if you are really prepared to adopt one.

Prosperous Blessings,


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