M.G.A.P. Annual Greyhound Picnic 2014

Hello there, VivBounty here to share with you this year’s M.G.A.P. Annual Greyhound Picnic. 2014 Set a record, as you will see in the video for the most greyhounds in attendance.

We were unfortunately not able to attend, but sure plan to be there next year.


Our Leihla’s “foster sister” Ellie won queen of the greyhound picnic, along with Guinness so we feel like our family was well represented. Cherri Belyea who is Ellie’s mum, was Leihla’s first “mum” when she retired from racing and came up to Canada from the track.  Thank you Cherri for teaching Leihla so beautifully and lovingly how to transition from being a working racer to a house pet. You did an amazing job, she is the sweetest first greyhound we have ever had. 😀 And thanks for allowing us to use the photo. Credit to Cherri and Michelle for this sweet photo.


Ellie and Guinness, queen and king of the 2014 MGAP greyhound picnic

Ellie and Guinness, queen and king of the 2014 MGAP greyhound picnic

What a fun way to thank all the families who adopt greyhounds and all the volunteers and staff who work all year long for this amazing organization.

Until next time, hug your dog.


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