Happy 10th Birthday To Our Greyhound, Ackers

Hello there, VivBounty here to share with you the celebration of greyhound, Ackers happy 10th birthday.

We adopted Ackers from MGAP 2 years ago just the week of his 8th birthday. He has been a joy to us each and every day since then. We are so very blessed to have him. Here he is enjoying a special treat on his 10th birthday. There are few things he loves more than a yummy cheeseburger!

Ackers enjoying a favorite treat - Yummy Cheesburger

Ackers enjoying a favorite treat – Yummy Cheesburger

He looks so forward to his daily walk. We usually take the same route, but sometimes we vary it a little bit, but there is no missing the crossing of the river on the footbridge. He loves to stand there and feel the breeze as he looks at the river below.


Enjoying the breeze as we cross over the river on the footbridge

Ackers, the greyhound used to be quite nervous in the car, but we have learned that if he we put the back seats up to give him a more contained, safer space, he rides quite comfortably and is quite happy to come for a drive.


Ackers happily going for a drive on his 10th birthday.

And, truly, corny as it sounds, he is man’s best friend; or more to the point, his daddy’s best friend, affectionately referred to as “Little boy”. All day long I hear, “Hello little boy” or “Shall we go for a walk around the garden, little boy” and so many more greetings, which my day would be so empty without.

Ackers and his best friend, "Daddy" having a morning cuddle

Ackers and his best friend, “Daddy” having a morning cuddle

Happy 10th Birthday, precious Ackers. Thank you for coming to us to help keep your daddy’s sugar under control and giving him “sensible conversation in the morning”.

Until next time,

Hug Your Pet!


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