Giving Thanks For Leihla The Ex-Racer Greyhound

Hello there, VivBounty here to say a quick but VERY BIG “Thank You” to God for the blessing of our beautiful Leihla.

This past weekend was Thanksgiving Day in Canada and as it happens was also Leihla’s 8th birthday. As you’ll see in the post in the next paragraph, there is a magic synergy to that number 8 for us this past year or so.

As I wrote in previous posts and on my other blog here, we lost our previous dog, Pedro last December. It was very sad indeed but we are convinced he conspired with our tribe in heaven and the universe swirled to bring Leihla the ex-racer greyhound to us.

Leihla is a playful 8-year-old greyhound who loves to play ball and fetch with her tug-a-rope getting way down on her chest with her butt up in the air rotating her tail like a propeller in the air. She even tolerates Scampy the cat who thinks she can boss everyone around in our house. Because Leihla is a greyhound, and an ex-racer, she can never be off leash while outside. This has worked perfectly in her daddy’s favour as he’s her primary walker. She takes him on walks down to the river bank and all through the trails around our home and has managed to single-handedly bring his sugar level down 2 whole points.

Leihla has also managed to get me up between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. each morning as I feed her and I do the first morning walk. Prior to her arrival, being an afternoon person working from home, I rarely saw 8 a.m., nevermind 6 or 7 a.m. but here we are springing up and getting our exercise every single day, thanks to Leihla.

Happy Birthday Leihla and thank you so much for coming to rescue us.

Leihla the greyhound, scampy the cat, happy 8th birthday Leihla

Happy 8th Birthday Leihla! We give thanks for you this Thanksgiving Day

Until next time, adopt a greyhound, foster one, or just give to the great organization that does such wonderful work rescuing them after they have worked so hard and really deserve the best.


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