The Two Dogs We Fostered Remain in our Hearts

Hello There, VivBounty here with my HubPage about the two little dogs we fostered in   Spain before we adopted Pedro, our Husky-Podenco mix.

CLICK HERE ->To read the story ~ Foster A Dog Before Adopting

This hub is dedicated to all the wonderful people in the rescue shelters around the world who work so tirelessly to end cruelty to animals.

When I wrote this piece I did not realize that the rescue shelter where Pedro came from had upgraded their Web site to include progress reports on their former boarders. We have since sent them our story, albeit 5 years on but are anxiously looking forward to posting a link to it here.

All the information you need about this wonderful little organization which does big work is in the article in my link above and please feel free to leave me any comments.

Until next time, hug your pet.


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4 comments to The Two Dogs We Fostered Remain in our Hearts

  • VivBounty

    Jim Stone, I thank you for being my first commentator on my new pet blog. So glad you like it. I am very happy with it too.

    Thank you Crystal Spring for your comment and for keeping up with my blog. I hope you find the products as effective as I do!

    TrudyVan thank you for your comment. I do know that you love your pets. That is why I just had to put your parrot blog on my blogroll.

  • Hello there, TrudyVan Here,
    Love Your hub and the great information you have shared so far. I love my pets as well. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Wow! You do love your pets. This blog is one that I will keep up with. I have 2 beatiful old doggies and they are my family. I will look at your products and see what I can find to keep them healthy too.

  • I really like what you have done with your blog.

    Nice work.

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