Walk in the Fall Rain with Prince, the Greyhound

Hello There. VivBounty here with a little post about my recent walk in the Fall rain with my newest greyhound, Prince. This is the happiest time of day for both Prince and I.

We adopted Prince 6 months ago and as my friend, Susanne says, “He fits in the family like an old sock”. 🙂 We couldn’t love him more. Prince and I usually go out for our walk in the late afternoon when we hope the temperature is ideal. Since he has never experienced Winter, coming straight from Florida in April, I make sure to put his raincoat on for these wet Fall walks.

The foliage is so beautiful along our route at this time of year, I just had to take some photos. This is quite a juggling act with the smartphone in one hand and his harness in the other.

Foliage on walking route with Prince the greyhound and VivBounty

Prince loves his raincoat and slips into it with great glee, knowing this is a sign that we are heading out for our daily walk. This is natural to him as he is a retired ex-racer, used to being dressed. His fur is very fine and with the cool Fall winds, I plan to ease him into the changing weather with a sweater, raincoat and eventually, heavier winter coat with boots for full-on Winter. But I digress. I now put the harness under the coat to allow freer movement of his front legs, although he didn’t seem to mind it over his coat and was as frisky as ever.

Prince, the greyhound doesn't mind wearing his harness over his coat with VivBounty

Unlike our previous 2 greyhounds, Leihla and Ackers, Prince does not seem interested in the fallen apples. We have many apple trees where we live providing him with lots of opportunity to toss apples around, but this does not seem to interest him. This may come in time. He is also half the age of his predecessors at only 3 and 1/2 years old.

Fallen apples Prince, the greyhound ignores with VivBounty


Prince hops into the back of our vehicle with ease and as long as I have a hold of the leash, he waits until I say, “Jump down” before he does. Like Leihla and Ackers, Prince also loves a cuddle. He can stand there for ages while we hug him.

Prince, the greyound and VivBounty cuddle


Join me next time as I share more stories of my favourite current greyhound, Prince.


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