Our next rescue kitten found us in time

Hello There, VivBounty here to share with you (while unblocking my writers block) the new addition to our family. This little kitten appears to be about 4-5 months old. We haven’t weighed her yet, but believe she’s older than she looks as she’s behaving in a more ah-hem, mature way, shall we say.vivounty rescue kitten frigid temperatures Canadian WinterThe weather outside is frightful! For those reading this post outside Canada, the weather this winter is already proving to be severe, to say the least and so rest assured, one more little cat has been brought in from the cold.  She is very friendly, thanks to our friends, Sue and Ronnie who have been providing outside shelter for her with as much warmth as possible and food until someone could adopt her. They already have pets, which did not react well to the kitten at their door and in the garden and so protected her until she would be safely home with us. She clearly is orphaned and they live on a busy road, which she has been crossing and so we thank God we were able with the help of Carma~Cat Rescue Martimes, Moncton to get to her in time to keep her safe and healthy.
 We thought we should start out getting Tabby used to having her nails trimmed so first stop Posh Pet Grooming Studio. I delivered the pet carrier to Ronnie, but being the big mush that he is having become so attached to her, put her inside his coat to take her to her appointment. He didn’t want her to remember him as being the one who put her in the crate, bless! So Angela showed him how to hold her, trimmed her nails easily, and then she gently put her in the crate. Ronnie then brought her to us and didn’t stay. Brian received his new little cat and opened the crate door to let her explore. vivbounty-our last cat, Scampy who we lost in June 2014



As we have many cat beds, litter, food, etc. from our last cat, Scampy, who we lost last June, we were well-prepared and awaiting this new addition to our family.

vivbounty 1st touch of rescued kittenvivbounty rescued kitten learning to use litter boxvivbounty rescued kitten gets first stroke from new daddyvivbounty rescued kitten greyhounds in home not at all phased by this Enter Tabby, into our lives. When I arrived home from work about 2 hours after Tabby, I could not find her. Brian said she was around hiding and getting to know her surroundings. We have 2 rescued greyhounds, Leihla, 89 lbs, age 10 and Ackers, 75 lbs, age 9 who both live and visit happily with cats. Tabby was not to know this so her instinct kept her hiding behind the stereo stand for a few hours on and off, which is where I found her. Leihla and Ackers, as usual snuggled by the wood stove, not the least bit interested in Tabby, wearily skirting the room. Finally, after feeding the dogs at their scheduled time, I fed her some wet food and she came out to meet me. Having lived outdoors, she wasn’t quite sure what the litter box was for so once she let me pick her up, I put her in it. She sat and I laughed and took a photo, of course. Brian said “she’ll work out what it’s for in a little while”. He has had cats all his life as he worked shifts and they adapt to this better, being more independent than dogs. It’s only now that he is retired that he has dogs as their family did in his childhood. I call him the cat whisperer as cats always love him. It’s funny, though, this time, Tabby came to me first and was quite weary of him for a few hours. Tabby is so very affectionate, thanks to Ronnie, Sue and their family.This would soon be a thing of the past and they happily had their first touch.
Eventually Tabby made her way into the family room, still near the door to the sun room in case of escape, but lay happily on the rug. OK this is warm but I’ll just keep a close eye on my escape route. Before we knew it, Tabby was doing “roll overs” and purring away. vivbounty rescued kitten comes onto rug rolling over purring
vivbounty rescued kitten stands safely between mummy's feetvivbounty rescued kitten hops on my lap after 6 hours in our warm house I reached down and picked her up but she didn’t stay on my lap, wearily eying the dogs across the room, although she felt quite safe standing between my cozy slippered feet. Tabby finally hopped up on my lap about 6 hours after arrival. She purred and rolled and popped her little tail up, giving me sweet looks. Yup, this is definitely a female. She is vocal and quite insistent when you stop making a fuss of her.
Day 2, Leihla woke us up with her endearing greyhound roo and we come downstairs to the morning routine. As I’m feeding the dogs, I hear Brian say, “Hello little cat”, and she meows back a sweet good morning to him coming in to the family room from his den where there were 2 fluffy cushion cat beds to choose from. He then feeds her and their bond is sealed. The cat whisperer once again has a little cat. Mummy gets a cuddle in too. Daddy is having a time with the cell picture taking, a bit blurry (which isn’t a bad thing with morning hair and face), but you get the gist. This little cat is firmly in our hearts. In 2 weeks we will have little Tabby “altered” so that in case she does get outside, the cat population will not alter. 😀 vivbounty rescued kitten day 2 good morning my new daddyvivbounty rescued kitten day 2 lets new mummy pick her up for a cuddle
vivbounty rescue kitten on dad's lap by day 2So as we go to publish, Tabby is right at home on her daddy’s lap.

Until next time, bring an animal in from the cold.


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