Canine First Aid and CPR Class with MGAP

Canine First Aid & CPR course with MGAP's Deb and Charles Levasseur

Canine First Aid & CPR course with MGAP’s Deb and Charles Levasseur

Hello there, VivBounty here to share with you our day at the Canine First Aid and CPR class with Deb (& Charles) Levasseur of MGAP. First we have to thank our dear friends, Odette and Mario Bourque for keeping our greyhounds, Leihla and Ackers. Yes, we have a second greyhound named Ackers, but more about him later. Both our greys are re-homed with us and so are older. Leihla just turned 10 in October and Ackers came to us just as he was turning 8 about 10 months ago. As it is a very long day and we have to travel about an hour there and back, we asked Odette if she and Mario Leihla and Ackers could spend the day with them. Thank you so much for providing a secure and relaxed space with fenced in backyard for our babies, Odette and Mario!

Charles and the dog mannequin with working pulse and lungs

Charles and the dog mannequin with working pulse and lungs

My husband and I arrived at the class just as Deb was getting started. It was jam packed, but chairs were brought in, and nice classmates moved over to make space for us and so that we could sit together. Deb, Charles and their greyhound, Hughie delivered everything they promised and then some. The dog mannequin with a working pulse and Charles and the dog mannequin with working pulse and lungs lungs was indeed available for us to practice on, as you cannot do this with a live dog. This was the last part of the class, and we had other commitments that evening, so were unable to practice, but we sure know the song, “Staying Alive” that is the pace at which we learned we should do compressions for a canine so we won’t forget. 🙂

Slide presentations

Slide presentations

I was easily distracted with taking photos, albeit not great ones as I’m still getting used to my new cell phone, so the slides were a great help to me. Slide presentation table of contents:

1) What’s normal for “YOUR” dog?
2) The ABC’S; Safety First, Deadly bleeding
3)Accident Scene assessment, Head to tail assessment, Stress in dogs; body language
4) Sucking chest wounds,

Slide presentations

Hughie paw wrapped

5)Shock, Frost bite
6) Heat stroke, Drowning, Hypothermia &
7) Seizures, Choking, AR and CPR
8) Burns, fractures & wounds
9) Poisoning, Digestive issues
10) Dog bites/fights, Wrapping injuries, Bloat.
11) The First Aid Kit, Over the counter medications
12 Homeopathic remedies, and
miscellaneous tips


Deb demonstrates Heimlich maneuver

Hughie, Deb and Charles’ greyhound was the live presentation dog. He was so good about letting Deb wrap his paw. Just laying there as calm and as handsome as can be! This was an eye- opener for us as Hughie, good as gold, allowed Deb to demonstrate her technique for the canine Heimlich maneuver for a large dog.



Wrapping a dog’s ear

Here is one of those things I never thought of. Hearing Deb say that you might have to wrap your dog’s ear. I assumed straight up, well that was so not the case. Hughie, the star of the show, of course obliged to help us learn this the right way, allowing Deb to take that bandage right around his head. What a good boy!


Happy tail being bandage

Greyhounds have thin tails, and they wag them so rigorously banging into anything within range including furniture and walls, quite often resulting in an injury affectionately called “happy tail”. Well, sure enough there is a special technique for wrapping this type of injury as well.


After all that hard work, and in between the various demonstrations, Hughie, of course, got a treat or two or three 🙂


Hughie happily takes his treats

The Canine First Aid and CPR course the content of which lasted a little over 4 hours was structured to take you from the discovery of a wounded or sick dog, handling the scene, the bystanders right into the First Aid and so much more. The students in this class were dog owners, groomers, pet supply store owners, and others in the pet industry I can’t remember their exact designation. Below is a brief outline of what we learned.

Some of the LIVE DEMOS that day:

  • -How to make and secure a muzzle in an emergency
  • Taking temperature – respirations and heart rate
  • CRT
  • How to treat shock
  • Wrapping feet and ears and tail
  • AR and CPR
  • Assessment for limping
  • Choking – for small & large dogs
  • Stabilizing a penetrating object
  • Sucking chest wounds
  • Eye injury wrapping
  • Seat belt safety

We’ve happily come home with our handouts and booklet and are gradually documenting what’s normal for our 2 greyhounds, while gathering the additional supplies we need for 2 first aid kits so that we have one in the house and one in the car. Thank you so much for the great class, Deb, Charles and Hughie. This course was well worth the time and money spent. To find out more about the wonderful work done not only for greyhounds but for the whole canine industry see MGAP’s Facebook page.

Until next time,
Hug your pet.

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