A Heart Felt Story From Link, The Greyhound About His Best Friend, Zelda

Hi There, VivBounty here to share with you the sweet story of a little greyhound, Zelda who recently went over the Rainbow Bridge.

Our greyhound, Leihla was fostered by Odette and Mario when she was returned due to her owner going to work out West. They fell in love with her as they do all their greys but graciously delivered her to her forever home with us, very sad to see her go. In her foster care notes Odette said if ever there was a perfect dog, Leihla was one and offered to look after her if we ever needed them to.

We have taken them up on this offer numerous times, and they even graciously care for our cat, Scampy when we travel.

Scampy hanging out with Link & Zelda (with boot on her paw)

Scampy hanging out with Link & Zelda (with boot on her paw)

In addition to looking after other greyhounds, they had 2 of their own, Link and Zelda and then recently

adopted another return, Ray. We can always count on them to be loving hosts to our furry kids so it is with sadness in our hearts that we announce the loss of Zelda from our little family of greyhound parents and playmates for Leihla.

Through her heartbreak, Odette bravely wrote a little memorial from Link about his life with Zelda. I share it with you through tears here with her permission:

A note from Link:  I would like to tell you all about my best friend Zelda. Zelda and I met in Saint John many years ago where we lived with a lovely family for awhile. Our human friend, Cherri B took good care of us when we needed her, she was our angel.

After a few years we met an awesome foster family, Stephanie and Andrew Learmouth and their dogs, Taboo and Karma. We love them all so very much because they took care of us when we needed them.


Link and his best friend, Zelda in happier times at the shore

In August 2008, Zelda and I (close to 6 years old each) found our forever home. We both got adopted together in the same home. We have been there for a glorious 5 years. We feel very loved by our human Mommy and Daddy. We have met a lot of dogs these past 5 years, some have come for a short visit and others longer.  We did a lot of MGAP events together: interviews, meet & greets, picnics. We loved doing these events because we wanted our fellow greyhounds to find a loving home like ours.

My best friend Zelda started being sick 5 months ago. She was a friend, a cuddle buddy, she was there when I was scared, and when I was happy. Zelda left me on July 8 at the age of 11. I will miss her very much until I meet her again beyond the rainbow bridge.

I also have a new brother, Raymond (7 year old Greyhound) who is helping me through this difficult time, I am very thankful for him.

Link, Zelda & Ray, greyhounds sharing siesta time

Zelda in the middle, flanked by her two “brothers” Link, and Ray enjoying siesta time


Leihla & Dina, both enjoying the loving hospitality of Odette and Mario for a day while their Mommies and Daddies go to medical appointments

We wish to thank Odette and Mario for their big hearts, always open arms and welcoming home for our pets who love to spend time with them, lovingly cared for so we don’t have to worry when we have to be away.

Leihla now also has a new brother, Ackers (8 year old Greyhound)  who Odette is anxious to meet. I have no doubt if we need to attend to medical appointments for a day, or travel for weeks, Leihla and Ackers (& Scampy, too) will be treated to the same kind-hearted, open arms hospitality that we are so fortunate to be able to count on at Odette and Mario’s home.

We will always have a special place in our hearts for sweet, precious Zelda that no one else can fill, but we take comfort in the fact that she is free of pain and happily playing over the rainbow bridge until we see her again.

R.I.P. Sweet Zelda and thank you from the bottom of our hearts, always, Odette and Mario.

Until next time, cherish your pets for the short time they grace you with their unconditional love.


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