Scampy The Cat Is My Energy Sponge

Hello there, VivBounty here to let you know my cat, Scampy really is the keeper of my being. She used to hop up onto my lap when she was a kitten to get my attention and take me away from my computer. Back then I used to be able to let her sleep on my lap and just reach over her to keep typing. Clearly she’s outgrown that scenario.

Just this week, I had been on the computer too long and after trying the usual knocking my angel ornaments off the shelf without getting my attention, she finally just laid across my laptop in exasperation! It was just too cute, I had to share this photo with you. My mum always worries about me being on my computer too long aggravating an old neck injury. I’m convinced she and Scampy are in cahoots about this keeping me from sitting here in bad posture for too long. I am so grateful to her for her contribution to my well-being. She really does “feed off my energy” as my dearest friend, Linda once told me.

I can really see it when I’m stressed. If I’m on a phone call which is causing me anxiety I usually pace around the house. Scampy gets really anxious right along with me and starts dashing around the house over the top of all the furniture calling out to me and trying to reach me with her paws. It seems as if she wants to get in my face and tell me to calm down. Once I do and I sit she comes and curls up on my lap purring for a few seconds until she falls asleep confident that her job is done.

If I ever needed a visual of how certain people or activities affect my energy, Scampy is it in living colour. She even has a body clock. When I set an alarm to wake me in the morning, she hops up onto the bed meowing softly in quick short utterances and sure enough, a few seconds later the alarm goes off. I hit the snooze and for the next 5 minutes we snuggle until I have to get out of bed. It’s a good thing she is now over a year old and I can safely use Triple Sure flea and Tick Spray on her so we can enjoy our morning cuddles without any worries.

Until next time, make sure your pets are protected from all parasites and disease, naturally!