How I Cured My Dogs Dry Skin and Shedding

Hello There. VivBounty here with the story of how I stumbled up a cure for my dog, Pedro’s dry, flaky skin and shedding problem. It was the long way around, I must say, but proves to me that if you have a good team for your pet’s grooming and vet care needs, it makes all the difference.

Pedro is a travelling dog of mixed and varied ancestry. Each vet who has seen him has been fascinated and charmed by him. He’s a gentle giant who wouldn’t hurt a fly so making sure he’s treated with the tender loving care he deserves is our priority.

Luckily we have found a great group of carers who love dogs and particularly, Pedro as  such as we do to keep him healthy and happy. Read on for his journey to moist skin and
less shedding >>>>>

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Do All Dogs Like to Swim

Hi There, VivBounty here with the story of our sight hound, Pedro who was raised by the beach in Spain and now lives in rural New Brunswick where there’s lots of water and lots of snow in the winter.

Pedro The Landlubber Dog on the Beach

As you may have read in other posts, Pedro is a mix of Podenco (Ibizan rabbit hound), Husky, and lately we’ve heard from our veterinarian in Spain, a possible ancestry of Pointer. Well I couldn’t tell you if any of those breeds are naturally inclined to swimming, but Pedro is not. He loves his bath, and happily hops in the bathtub, basks in the warm shower as I rinse him off, but will not go near “big water”. Read more here ->> Do All Dogs Like To Swim?

We did learn through the very hot summers in Spain to keep Pedro safe, cool and healthy without him actually going into the water.

Stay tuned for more information in my next post about emergency first aid for your precious canines.

Until then, hug your pets!

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To Celebrate Our Cat Chaussettes

Pedro and Chausettes were "brothers" in no time at allHello there. VivBounty here to share with you the amazing story of our cat, Chaussettes. I wrote the full story on HubPages and would love to share it with you.

Can you imagine a cat just wandering in the window and making
himself at home? Then inviting his friend to do the same despite the fact that an 85-lb dog lived there?

This story is a lovely memory, a hoot of adventures and a spiritual journey for all three of us, my husband, Pedro our dog, and me, who laughed and cried all the way through the writing of it. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did Chaussettes’ time with us >> Read about our precious cat, here >>>

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